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Louis riel, canadian folk hero louis riel was hanged in regina, so of course riel was pictured as a traitor in the school history books. Riel is both a hero and a traitor louis riel is often considered a hero, especiallyamong métis and aboriginal people who imagine him as a raciallymotivated. Is louis riel a hero or a traitor in my mind louis riel was a hero but i also think that he was a traitor. Discover louis riel's gravestone in winnipeg, manitoba: canada's accused-traitor-turned-folk-hero is buried under a red stone in a ring of his own. He could very well be all three having just done an essay on why he was a traitor and villain, i could be biased, but here are the facts.

louis riel hero or traitor Louis riel, a man considered a hero by his people, was hanged for high treason the judge in 1885 said that he was guilty because being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil as a false traitor against.

Free louis riel papers, - was louis riel a hero or a traitor louis reil - louis reil louis riel is probably the most famous and well-known métis that. The date is july 20, 1885 it is a hot sweltering day in regina, manitoba the courtroom is packed with officials and reporters they are all here to witness the trial of century. One of the endlessly wonderful questions we ask ourselves often in the world of canadian history is was louis riel a hero or a traitor the questions has just about as many points of view as we have citizens in the country.

Louis riel ~ a metis icon then louis riel is a hero not only to the métis but also to all canadians who believe in and fight for the slander of traitor,. Louis riel hero essay douglas a biography of louis riel the trial of louis riel 2006 date retrieved: nov 2 2010 ricketts, bruce louis riel martyr, hero or traitor. (october 22, 1844 - november 16, 1885) the hanging of louis riel on november 16, 1885, created a controversy that has lasted over 100 years viewed by some as a saviour, and by some as a traitor, riel nevertheless became the voice of the métis people during a turbulent time in canadian history, and was largely responsible for the. Who was this man to some he was a hero, but to other he was thought of as a traitor louis riel lead two major rebellions known as the red river resistance and the northwest rebellion.

Ottawa -- one-hundred-and-twenty-five years ago, louis riel was executed for treason | manitoba ndp mp pat martin wants the current government to set the record straight | in a news conference staged to coincide with the anniversary of riel's hanging, martin demanded prime minister stephen harper exonerate riel, recognize him as a father of. Louis riel a hero or a traitor what makes us a hero and what makes us a villain the definition for these are a hero is a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. He founded manitoba but would be executed as a traitorlouis riel is the best-known métis hero, and across canada this weekend, his death on november 16, 1885 was commemorated by aboriginals of mixed french and indigenous descent across canadanumerous milestones in the rebel leader’s life are marked throughout the. The nineteenth-century métis politician and mystic louis riel has emerged as one of the most popular - and elusive - figures in canadian culture since his hang. An essay or paper on louis riel: traitor or hero louis riel was an interesting character he was metis, educated in montreal when canada bought land between ontario and british columbia from the hudson bay company, riel urged them to stand up to the government.

Welcome: louis riel hero or traitor description: in this assignment you will be expected to investigate the trial, judgement, and execution of louis riel you will also investigate the northwest rebellion which led to mr riel's untimely death you will be expected to be the judge and jury and. Jeremy ravi mumford why was louis riel, a united states citizen, hanged as a canadian traitor in 1885 abstract in what sense was louis riel, a. Transcript of louis riel—hero, or traitor life of riel louis riel was born in the red river settlement (present day manitoba) was louis riel a hero. Louis riel – martyr, hero or traitor where does one begin writing about louis riel and how does one encapsulate his life, accomplishments and. Issue 91a louis riel december 2009 the truth about louis riel while most canadians are generally aware of louis riel and the mur-der of thomas scott, few who.

Far from the days where riel was a hated “traitor” and the riel has become a canadian hero, (1975) wm davidson, louis riel (1955) te flanagan, louis. Louis riel was branded a traitor to canada but he was no traitor however good and wellintentioned the provisional government was, it was seen as anbspoct 21, 2010 it seems that today, most canadians remember louis riel if the although i was convinced that from a humane standpoint, mine was the better plan, i had apparently i was. Patriote or traitor louis riel was born in 1844 he was captured and executed by canadian authorities in november 16, more about louis riel: hero or villain. Louis riel statues posted by donna janke feb 16 2014 louis riel is either a hero or a traitor louis riel was born in 1844 in the red river settlement,.

  • Louis riel, the métis leader hanged for high treason on nov 16, 1885 at regina, was the driving force behind manitoba becoming canada's fifth province and is thought of by many as the father of manitoba.
  • If you think he's a hero, please justify your answer same goes to if you think he's a traitor and if you think he can be both.
  • Why was louis riel a hero to the metis and a taitor to the english save cancel already exists would you like to merge this was louis riel a hero or a traitor.

Louis riel hero or villain louis riel, a leader of his a zealot and a traitor riel was increasingly influenced by his belief that he was chosen to lead the.

louis riel hero or traitor Louis riel, a man considered a hero by his people, was hanged for high treason the judge in 1885 said that he was guilty because being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil as a false traitor against.
Louis riel hero or traitor
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